Using Cloud Programs to Better Organize Multiple Innova Basque Assistant

In some situations, multiple Innova Basque Assistant are needed to tackle large task lists on a daily basis. Using cloud programs helps keep all of the VAs on the same page. Cloud systems are a centralized location for all of a business’ documents and work-related programs. Anyone with login information can access the files required for daily business operations.

Selecting a Cloud Program

Choosing the right program for your business’ needs is a must. The program should include individualized categories as well as group categories. Some tasks must be kept private, so securing private access for the most confidential tasks is ideal.

Program inclusions to consider:

• Remote access from Wi-Fi devices
• Mobile-friendly displays
• Multiple device login capabilities
• Abilities to upload and share files
• Compromise detection software

All of these items play a vital role in a cloud network. Security an ease of use are the top two items to consider when selecting a cloud program for multiple virtual assistants to work with. Cloud programs also allow for access to needed files if one VA should require a day off due to an emergency or illness. With access from anywhere, other employees can ensure that those tasks are handled and are not ignored.

Creating Categories

As you’re setting up the cloud system, it is important to categorize items properly. Virtual Assistant 47With a multiple VA situation, sections of the cloud should be named directly for each assistant. Only the specific assistant and their superiors should have access to those files so that tampering, incorrect information and situations of the like cannot occur.


While some categories need to be separate for confidentiality purposes, there also has to be categories that are accessible by all company employees or freelancers. The purpose of a cloud system is to eliminate paper clutter, make a more accessible system and create fluidity in every department of a business.

Sample category breakdowns:

• General company guidelines
• Time clock
• Accounts receivable reports
• Accounts payable reports
• Sales performance records
• Individual salesperson reports
• Company updates
• Company email directory

These are general categories that you can take ideas from to better organize all of the different departments of your business.

Weekly Virtual Conference Meetings

Weekly department and company conferences are ideal when you have multiple employees working from alternate locations. Keep a set meeting time every week. This prevents confusion and missing employees. The meetings can often be setup via VoIP services such as Skype or Go To Meeting, where it is convenient for all parties to connect.

As you implement the use of a cloud program, tutorials and training regarding how to use the program should be made available. This prevents work from being completed improperly and keeps an open line of communication with an unconventional office setting. Virtual Assistants often work for more than one client at a time, having a dedicated platform for each one helps them stay on task and on time. It is a more efficient way for all entities of a multi-location office situation to work as a well-oiled machine as if they were in the same building together.

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