The Best and Worst Times to Hire Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant (VA) can make running a small business, or multiple businesses, easier. Simple tasks that take up a good portion of your day can be delegated to the VA so that you are able to focus your attention on other business matters. Make sure that you are hiring the VA at the right time as hiring at an inappropriate time leads to disconnection and under performance.

During Slow Production Months

As you look into the near future of your business’ needs, the expectance for growth may bring upon the need for a virtual assistant. During slower production and sales months is ideal. It gives you the necessary time to develop a strong working relationship with the virtual assistant. It also allows you enough opportunity to properly train the VA on your specific needs and the duties you plan to give them.

Duties can include:

• Daily itinerary emails
• Appointment setting
• Creating email marketing campaigns
• Posting on social media
• Answering social media messages
• Checking in on specific projects

These are simple tasks that only take a few moments each. Some can take a bitVirtual Assistant 45 more time depending on the influx of messages via social media or the amount of appointments that require setting.

In preparation for a major product launch, it is a good time to hire a virtual assistant. The assistant can assist in marketing the new product, as well as preparing social media audiences for the launch. Email campaigns can be created as well.

The ideal time is 6 weeks before the product’s launch. This gives you time to explain the VA’s duties, speak with them to answer questions and inform them of the specific process in which you prefer each task to be completed. The more thorough you are in the training/trial phase with a new VA, the better your working relationship will be.

When you are in over your Head

It is a bad time to hire a VA when you are already in over your head. At this point, you are going in several different directions and have no time to train a new assistant. This leaves you short tempered and forgetting important details.
When a new virtual assistant can sense tension, it often leads to unasked questions and a short-term employment period.

In the Middle of a Seasonal Rush

When business is chaotic, it is not the best time to hire a virtual assistant. The individual does not know the way your business operates or enough about the products/services offered to do their job properly when they have to be rushed to learn operations. It is difficult for a new employee to comprehend large amounts of details in a short amount of time and perform their duties proficiently.

It is ideal to consider hiring a virtual assistant in advance of the absolute need for one. Training and developing a working relationship take time. When you have the time to properly train a VA he or she will complete tasks in a faster time frame and be able to know exactly what you need each day without having to be given a fresh list each day.

Izaskun Larrea

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