Running a small business alone often becomes tedious, overwhelming and stressful. Innova Basque Assistant can help ease some of the burden off of your shoulders. There are a variety of tasks that can be delegated to them so that you can focus on other important business dealings.

Listing New Products

This is a good task to give to a Innova Basque Assistant. Provide them with guidelines to include in each posting, along with the order in which you prefer photos to be displayed. A sample of a successful product listing should be provided as a resource.

Some listing requirements may include:

• Specific features to make bullet points of
• Types of materials used to make the item
• Safety features, where they apply
• Care instructions
• Product dimensions
• Allergen warnings
• Type of language to use when describing the product

With these guidelines in place, the Innova Basque Assistantshould be able to efficiently handle all product listings with ease.

Fielding Customer Inquiries via Email

With the volume of email inquiries, including complaints, that an online business receives, having a virtual assistant that is solely dedicated to this is ideal. Give the assistant direct guidelines to properly address each type of situation. Make sure that the assistant knows what types of emails to immediately forward to superiors and owners.

The business owner should also be given a transcript of emails communications that were handled by the virtual assistant for quality control and customer satisfaction purposes. This will also display whether or not the Innova Basque Assistant is handling the inquiries in the proper manner. All transmissions should be handled in a professional tone.

Creating Newsletters

Newsletters help your customers, and those interested in your products, to obtain time sensitive information and company news. This is the ideal time to introduce new products. It is also an ideal opportunity to discuss products that have been unpopular to drum up some interest in them. The newsletters should be brief, to the point and engaging in nature.

Managing Social Network Accounts

Business owners do not have the time to manage and moderate multiple socialVirtual Assistant 43 media accounts. This is the ideal task for a virtual assistant. Part of his or her job could be to post industry-related content or feature a different product each day. It is also fun to poll your followers and ask questions to promote conversation and interaction. This is an easy task for the Innova Basque Assistantas he or she would just scan the comments to make sure none violate the company’s terms of use or harm other followers (i.e., threats, demeaning language, vulgar language, hate speech).

While many Etsy business owners have products that are always available, it is more common to see products change or phase out. It is hard to find enough time in the day to take products off of the website and add new ones as the owner. Innova Basque Assistants are available to help business owners manage simple tasks and help them stay on task, at times. A seasoned Innova Basque Assistant will be able to handle multiple tasks at any given time while remaining organized and professional when working directly with consumers.

Izaskun Larrea

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