Being a virtual assistant often means performing office work. This can be anything from organizing paperwork, performing virtual filing, answering emails, and other tasks. If you have a Innova Basque Assistant t you will typically use them for background business tasks. There are other ways to use a virtual assistant that you should consider. Here are five really cool ways to use your virtual assistant.

1. Live chat on website

When you go to websites with live chat, customers are typically able to receive a response to their issues much faster than normal. A live chat assistant is one of the best ways to provide immediate customer service in an interactive manner.

2. Have them solicit advertisers

One fun project for your virtual assistant will be to have them scout out bloggersVirtual Assistant 39 and personalities to help get the word out about your product or service. Finding and interacting with bloggers and famous social medial personalities is a cool way to use your virtual assistant. This also allows your virtual assistant to interact with more people on behalf of your company.

3. Have them film an advertisement

Give your assistant free rein to film a video advertisement for your company. If you have products, ask your assistant to pitch several ideas for advertising the product in a fun or helpful manner. Post these films on your social media pages and on your website. Be sure that the film looks quality and is professionally edited after it has been shot.

4. Create a social media persona

There are a number of businesses that have social media accounts with vibrant personalities. Some Twitter accounts such as Whataburger inject their opinion about rap battles often. Others like Spirit Airlines often quote pop culture and take one line zingers from the media to use inside of their emails to customers. Have your assistant brainstorm and come up with a persona that would work for your brand or product. This persona can be continued throughout all of your social media accounts.

5. Create contests

Nothing attracts more customers and more attention than a good contest. Holding a contest to select a winner for your products and services will bring a larger crowd than you may think. Have your virtual assistant create a cool contest for customers to enter. Entries should use your social media accounts in order to gain the most attention. Contests can be for anything, from dressing up like your product orservice, or displaying your product in the most unique place. A contest is a great, fun project for a VA and should be done quarterly or more.

Finding interesting and cool assignments for your VA will keep your team interested and get the creative juices flowing. By making the job more interesting, you actually inspire more interest in the overall culture of your company. This can reflect well with customers and employees alike. Consider being a “cool boss” in order to score brownie points that will also equal points for your bottom line.

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