Assistant is about so much more than simply accomplishing tasks. The best Assistant’s are able to provide their client with an unwavering commitment to the business. While the work ethics of a Innova Basque Assistant are of obvious importance, there are certain specific traits and qualifications that a winning assistant will possess. These effective professionals know the five most common mistakes to avoid. If you’ve hired a reliable, highly qualified assistant, chances are they avoid these mistakes successfully on a day to day basis.

1. Misplacing Information

We know it happens. Sometimes, information can get lost between an employer’s computer and their assistant’s. In these cases, it is essential for an Innova Basque Assistant to be capable of resending the stored data. However, when the information is actually LOST entirely (deleted), this is a deal breaker. Your professional assistant has to be trusted for the maintenance and storage of crucial business data. If they’re not capable of this kind of organization and responsibility, they’re outright bad for business.

2. Being Unprofessional or Rude

Every effective assistant dons the professionalism badge with tremendousVirtual Assistant 1 pride. Those who cannot separate their private and professional lives simply don’t last long in the business. As a business, you don’t need to hear excuses about their cat spilling coffee on important files you needed scanned and sent off. On the same note, rudeness is just as unattractive in the workplace as it is recreationally. There are many facets of unprofessionalism, but here are a few of the most commonplace ones that the best Assistant never mistakenly make.

• Foul language
• Getting angry or inappropriate
• Disrespectful correspondence with your clients
• Inability to keep their workplace cleansed of personal issues
If you’re Assistant doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect, they are not fit for the position they are filling.

3. Lying

Honesty is essential. The best Assistant’s will never lie to you. Not only is this embarrassing for you both, but it can prove costly. Lying is inexcusable in business and can break bond of trust between an assistant and their client. You’ll notice that your professional Assistant will take pride in building a foundation of trust over a long period of time. One potential way to avoid hiring on an assistant who lies is to meticulously check references.

4. Slacking Off

Secretary Assistant mandates hard work with real employers who necessitate strict deadlines. The right Assistant will both understand this and take it quite seriously. The best virtual assistants will never make the mistake of slacking off on the job.

Izaskun Larrea

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