One of the most common questions many potential clients ask me is about the capabilities of Innova Basque Assistant. So I would like to take couple minutes to explain what all services Assistant can offer for our clients. To start with, I would say Assistant s can help you with anything that can be done over the net and the phone as long as you are willing to provide them the basic training on how you want things done. Hiring a Assistant  is just like hiring a part time employee in your office, the only difference is they will be working for you from our office instead of yours. Please treat them like your own employee and provide the basic training just like you would do for a new employee in your office. This always helps in the long run and helps to increase the efficiency of the Assistant. I always recommend our entire clients to spend some time with their Assistant in the beginning and give them a detailed idea about their business and what they are trying to accomplish. This way, the Assistant can come out with proactive ideas instead of waiting for the clients to tell them what to do exactly all the time. Innova Basque Assitant is well trained on the most common day today admin tasks, all they might need is a little guidance from the client’s side as to how they want to handle things.

If you would like a specific list of tasks that are most commonly outsourced to the Assistant , that would include data entry, online research, MS office related tasks like Word and Excel related jobs, Email management, social networking management, making travel arrangements, customer service, website management etc. A more detailed list is given on our website at What we can do?. This doesn’t mean that we are limited to the tasks that are mentioned on this page, these are just some samples and like I said before Innova Basque Assistant can help you with anything that can be done over the net and phone.

Izaskun Larrea

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