Every minute that you spend doing paperwork is a minute lost for developing your product or service, networking with potential clients, or making sales. In simple terms, every minute you spend on administrative tasks is a minute you could have spent growing your business. Now with the help of a Assistant this problem can be solved.

Assistants can provide online sales and promotion of your products. Making outbound calls are very important for every business as it helps to get in touch with new potential clients. Give your Assistant a script and then train him/her on how you want the work to be done. Many companies are using virtual assistants to make cold calls to promote their product or business.

Your Assistants can also be your telemarketer. Outbound cold calling are essential in any business to touch base with new potential clients. Your telemarketer can also do the cold calling for you. Give her a simple script, tell her what you want done with the good leads, and give a free rein to her on your prospect list! If the prospect appears to be a good lead, ask her to gather as much information for you as she can and send the good leads back to you for follow through.

Your assistant can also take your inbound calls for you. You do not have to use a company which utilizes a bank of people answering phones. Each and every client should be treated as the individual that they are. Each client, regardless of how big or small should be assigned just one virtual assistant. That’s how the true human element stays intact. Sending your callers to a bank of phone operators generally doesn’t foster that kind of relationship or human contact. Answering your inbound calls for you is as easy as forwarding your existing business line to your assistant.

Hiring a Assistant means lesser operation cost, no employment tax, and cheaper hourly rates. Virtual Assistants pay for their own office space, equipment, taxes and bills. No need to worry about monthly benefits and salary. Just purchase the number of hours and pay by the virtual assistants by the hour. 247virtualassistant offers very affordable and competitive rates.

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