Assistants are the newest additions to the outsourcing industry. Many companies started the outsourcing practice in late 1980s. Although some form of outsourcing has been practiced for many years. Many times when a company found it could not complete a task internally they turned to an outside source that could help them. Making sure they could produce the needed product or service.

We see this many times with the car industry where parts are made in one facility and assembled in another. This gives the company a chance to focus each factory on certain tasks and reduces individual factory size, allows for better utilization of supply chains and produces a higher quality part. But having items manufactured in one place and put together in another works well for many manufacturing companies. Giving up control of some internal functions is something many company CEOs were reluctant to do.

Businesses were reluctant to outsource core functions

Many companies felt that certain functions should be handled in house. Things like customer services, advertising, accounting, human resources, and data processing. Were once thought of as too important to let an outsider take them over.
But today businesses specializing in these core functions have begun to grow and become more proficient in their field. The truth is that these outsourcing businesses can actually do the job better and at less cost than keeping the functions in house. This has caused many CEOs to rethink the idea of handing out some or all of these core functions to these outside sources.

Employees started working from home

With the advances of technology and the idea that some things are cheaper and better sent to outside sources, plus the need to cut overhead.Many companies have started looking at how to take the next logical step in the evolution of outsourcing. What they found was that some jobs didn’t have to be done in the traditional work environment.

Some employees found they needed to stay home for one reason or another and stared asking if they could bring work home to complete. As this idea grew and companies became more comfortable with the idea, many employees started to “telecommute”. Meaning they worked from home most of the time only coming into the job site when needed. By allowing employees to telecommute, companies found that employees were happier and more productive. This allowed the company could reduce office space and thus cut overhead in some areas.

Next came the Virtual Assistant

As big business embraced out sourcing in one form or another, smaller businesses started taking notice. What these small business owners found was that there were also some job functions that they could have done by someone outside the business.
When they started looking for help of this kind small company owners found Innova Basque Assistant 24/7. Here was a company full of individuals who had varied expertise and could take over any job function that a small business owner might need. Innova Basque Assistant 24/7 could step in take over the needed work, help them organize their business and make suggestions on how to improve work function.

What does a Innova Basque Assistant 24/7 do?

The better question would be what does your business need them to do? An Innova Basque Assistant 24/7 does things that a small business owner can’t or don’t have time to do. This means that things like accounting, advertising, human resources, customer correspondence and social media is something that the small business owner doesn’t have to worry about any more. Now he or she can focus on actually running the business. But just how much access does the small business owner give to a Innova Basque Assistant 24/7, information privacy is something everyone wants to address.

What about sensitive information?

When it comes to sensitive information we are all a bit nervous. We have all heard so much about identity theft and we want to be sure that some things remain private. Let’s say that no operation is immune to losses of sensitive information. Many big businesses have been in the news where some type of information or the other has gotten out.

Innova Basque Assistant 24/7  would like to say that this could never happen to them. But the fact is it can happen to anyone anytime. So 24/7 Virtual Assistants have taken steps to better make sure your information is safe. Assistants can sign confidentiality statements, some types of information are only handled by certain assistants and you have a main Innova Basque Assistant 24/7 that is a point of contact for any problems that come up.

How has virtual assistants changed the way we do business?

Innova Basque Assistant 24/7 have had a major effect on how business is done across the board. Gone are the days when employers have to have a fully equipped office with a full staff on hand to take care of all the business needs. Now the office can be smaller withonly a few key employees who handle direct business functions while everything else is taken care outside the company.
Businesses are seeing cost savings across the board and the work is getting done quicker. Employees can now take care of everyday life and still get the job done, which makes both employee and employer happier.

The evolution of the virtual assistant has changed the face of business today. The traditional jobs are still needed and being done in the traditional office setting. But, in many areas, the work is being done behind the scenes by a Innova Basque Assistant 24/7.

This has resulted in major cost savings for all businesses and given small business owners in particular a way to be able to concentrate on running their business while still being able to keep up with general office needs. It has also given employees the ability to work at their own pace and still take care of the everyday needs of family life. Resulting in better productivity, less cost and happier employers and employees.


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