Betty is the owner and operator of a hybrid non profit educational organization that is need of a high energy, dynamic, results oriented Assistant. She wants someone to promote their City Forums through on-line and off-line marketing strategies. She finds exactly the type of personal assistant she needs at Innova Basque Assistant.

She finds a virtual assistant that:
•    has a high level of marketing experience
•    is extremely reliable and results orientated
•    has excellent interpersonal skills
•    has a great can-do attitude
•    is creative and analytical
•    is fantastic with creating and building relations with potential attendees
•    has high energy levels and is very diligent in all work preformed
•    has strong ethics and preforms all work with integrity

She can create promotional pamphlets and letters and have them mass distributed in the most beneficial locations. Of course, that takes research. The virtual assistant first has to find the right type of target attendees. To do this , she will create an elaborate email campaign with an email list she carefully cultivated, without sending spam.

At Innova Basque AssistantBetty has found the right virtual assistant to help her with all of her needs. Her fund raising efforts for her non profit organization have increased dramatically. She is able to reach more people, more efficiently. And raise more funds for her much needed charity.

Betty found the perfect solution to her email marketing, Internet marketing, marketing strategies, public relations and event marketing dilemmas. Her virtual assistant takes care of all of that stuff, leaving Betty time to focus on the financial end. Collecting money and getting it to the people who need it most.

This is a dynamic team and the addition of a Innova Basque Assistant has made it more so. Smoother, more efficient and able to get more done in less time. If you want to be more productive at a price you can afford, you need a virtual assistant. Sign up today!

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