The way you build and organize your business adds a lot to the enjoyment that comes with your work. As a assistant 24/7, it’s important to enjoy your job because it can get long, tiresome, and stressful very quickly under the wrong circumstances. All of this comes back to reflect on the quality of your work. When you become a virtual personal assistant, you instantly make a commitment to both your business and clients to be the best that you can be, regardless of the circumstances. Creating an environment that fosters high quality work is something you owe to yourself to do.

If you wanted to find a virtual assistant, what would you look for? Would you look for virtual assistants who were sluggish, tired, stressed, and seemingly unreliable? Or would you go for the best virtual assistant company, someone who was bright and eager to get to work on your assignments? Obviously, you would go for the latter. Anybody would. The way you set up your work environment plays a huge role in your outlook on work every single day. Here are some tips to help you optimize that work environment to let you compete with all the good virtual assistant companies out there.

You Can’t Be a Carpenter Without a Hammer

First of all, put some investment into making sure you have the proper tools for your job. Just as no carpenter would show up to work without a hammer, you shouldn’t be starting your day without the right tools and equipment to make your job as stress free as possible. For starters, a proper computer and fast broadband connection are necessities. If you haven’t upgraded your computer for at least the past 4 years, now is the time to do so.

You also need to make sure you have the best software to make your workflow as smooth as you can. How are you keeping track of your time? Do you have an online calendar or are you still using a paper wall calendar to schedule your appointments. Virtual personal assistants should ideally keep everything as digital as possible, because that makes it easier to integrate data with other systems.

Find Your Area of Expertise and Stick With It

If you pride yourself on being able to do anything at all, you’re probably not utilizing your potential to its utmost capacity. A true expert finds one specific niche and focuses on that, not exclusively maybe, but at least enough so that they can hone it down to become as amazing as possible. By trying to be the best at everything, you end up wasting energy that could be better spent focusing on taking one single skill to excellence. Clients, as well as virtual assistant companies, value individuals who are particularly adept at one single skill over general “jack of all trades” type 24/7 assistants. Most of all, remember to always work with what you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with respectfully declining an assignment that will take up too much time.

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