When you use Innova Basque Assistant, you can potentially shave a lot of hours from your work week. However, knowing just which assignments to delegate can be difficult at times. Whether you’re just starting up your business or you’re simply expanding, this can be a tricky obstacle for any entrepreneur.
As the number of Assistant continues to grow, their vast expertise spans an array of fields making it much easier to allocate the right fit for your organization. All the same, there are probably a wide ranging assortment of tasks you’ve never even considered outsourcing to your Assistant. So let’s get creative with these five unconventional ways to work with your professional assistant.

1. Raw Coding

Since coding languages are identical regardless of a person’s native tongue, raw coding is a great task that can utilize your virtual assistant’s full potential regardless of their location overseas. You won’t ever have to concern yourself with an Assistant fluency in English when they are producing code for your website modifications, landing pages or even your plug-ins. If you do find yourself worried about the quality of their code, it’s an easy thing to check for effectiveness and security. Remote coders abroad are just as likely to develop a high quality site as a domestic one, but at a fraction of the cost.

2. Lead Generation

Contact forms featured on your company website can be powerful sources forVirtual Assistant leads. Unfortunately, it is also a time consuming task to manually sort these contact messages in order to decipher which ones may be potential customer leads. Some will require other forms of attention which can feel like a massive waste of your precious time. So why conduct this task by yourself manually when an Assistant can sort them, sending follow ups to the most promising leads? If your assistant proves effective, just expand their role to include other types of lead discovery.

3. Graphic Design

Much like coding, graphic design is a universal language. In fact, there are just as many experienced, quality graphic designers abroad as there are domestically. With their services featured at a reduced price, your basic tasks like fresh logo design, website layouts and brochures can easily be handled by your Assistant remotely.

You may even want to consider outsourcing the development of company infographics. Have a local stagger gather the initial data and place your professional assistant on the compelling graphics. Depending on how much graphic work you need, you may need to evaluate whether you require the services of a general assistant or a specialty designer.

4. Blogging

Blogging is comprised of so much more than writing and publishing. There are loads of menial tasks that are required to produce a successful blog. These assignments can be performed by anyone. Allow yourself more time to run your business and create quality content while the manual stuff is handled by your Assistant.

5. Social Media Management

As replying to mundane comments and posts and gathering basic analytics data takes hours, there’s really no need for you to do it alone when you can utilize integrated team management. If you’re uncomfortable with allowing your assistant access on any level for security reasons, simply limit their accessibility.


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