I would like to shed some light into this here. I would say the actual question should be rephrased as “what CAN’T the assistant help me with?” because that will be easier to answer since there is really nothing that your virtual assistant can’t do for you if you are willing to provide proper training. The most important thing for you to realize is that hiring a assistant is just like hiring a regular employee. If proper training is given, they can help you with all aspects of your business.

Assistants at can do anything for you starting from data entry, web research, making and receiving phone calls on your behalf, updating social media networking websites like face book ,LinkedIn and twitter,Big data and Business Inteligence,  customer support, proof reading, transcribing audios and videos, live chat support and so on. Many realtors/real estate agents can use the assistant to update their websites with MLS information and photos of new properties that they have listed, responding to property showing requests with the lock box codes and making appointments with the house owners etc. We can help some of the real estate agents with the short sale process by communicating directly with the banks on a daily basis providing them all the documents needed and negotiating price for the properties. Many doctor’s offices and clinics can use assistants as receptionists to attend the phone calls, make appointments, record keeping and so on.

We also can a Web Development who can take care of all your website needs. Whether it’s just some updating and tweaks for your existing website or creating a brand new website for your business, our web team can help you with that. We can have separate plans that fit your budget for both web development and assistant service on our website innovabasqueassistant.com .

So basically assistant is a one stop solution for all your business needs and that’s why I mentioned in the beginning that the question should be rephrased to “what can’t your virtual assistant do for me?”!

Izaskun Larrea Manzarbeitia

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