Whether you have a local brick and mortar company or an online company, you need to promote your business online. When consumers are looking for businesses, they will typically perform an internet search first. In order to be competitive, your company needs to be seen online. Here are some ways that your virtual assistant can help to promote your business online.

Running your social media

If you own a business with a brand name, you will need social media pages for the brand. This includes:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• Linkedin

Your virtual assistant should post to these pages each day and interact with those that post to your pages. The VA should also encourage dialogue and interact with other businesses. Having a assistant run your social media can increase your online visibility.

Updating your blog

The only way to rank on Google or other search engines is to update your blogVirtual Assistant 10 pages. Posting brand new blogs each day is a good idea. Have your virtual assistant update your web pages with brand new blog posts, advertisements, and other information to keep your customer base interested.

Running website statistics

The one way to determine if you are attracting a bigger crowd on your website is to run website statistics. Your virtual assistant can track the visitors to your blog each day through a statistics plug-in and provide you with updates to figure out just how well your website is performing.

Creating eBooks

Even if your virtual assistant is not a writer, they can work with a ghost writer to create an eBook that will help to promote your business. Have your virtual assistant find and hire an eBook writer, then go over the eBook to add in extra information about your business. Your VA should also promote your eBook in as many places as they can.

Combing over feedback

In order to be a highly rated business, you need to know what consumers need. Often, customers will go to Facebook pages, Twitter, and Yelp in order to leave a review on the product or service. Your virtual assistant can go over your feedback to determine where you should improve.

Scour your competition’s pages

Stalking your competition may seem like a mean thing to do, but in online sales it is a smart thing to do. Have your virtual assistant go to your competitions pages to look at the products, services, and current special offers. This will give you ideas on what to use for your own website and special offers sections.

Cleaning up and creating online reputation

One of the things that new businesses often skip is creating a reputation. Reputations mean everything and many customers will not shop with an online store that has no previous reputation. By soliciting comments and reviews from customers, your assistant can help to create a positive reputation for your company. This will likely boost your online sales and overall trustworthiness on the open market.

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