Surprised? You won’t be, once you find out how incredibly valuable an Assistant can be in building and sustaining your business. I’ll go into more detail in future posts about some of the other industries, but let’s start by looking at how business and professional coaches have leveraged their practices to new heights by hiring an Assistant.

Ask a professional what drives her business and she’ll tell you it’s two things, “billable time with clients” and “products created for clients”. The recurring theme for all professional is that time is their most valuable commodity. Sure, good professional skills are mandatory, but actually having the time to assist clients is what pulls it all together.

It takes a flexible schedule to fit in professional calls, face-to-face meetings and webinars in a large professional practice. Sitting down and recording or writing information products of value to clients also requires a considerable amount of a professional time.

So what can an Assistant do to maximize a professional schedule? She steps in and takes over the day-to-day details of the practice, from calling clients to updating online schedules and reminders. She can also help proof, edit and upload products to a professional website. She schedules the professional personal appointments, too, as part of her on-going concierge service.

One more value-added benefit to using an Assistant is that she can manage email contact with the coach’s client base, from ezines to appointment reminders.

The professional can then focus on what builds his business—spending time with clients and creating new products. Do you see how that works? By finding the perfect 24/7 Innova Basque Assistant and paying her only for her time, rather than for her taxes, office equipment and benefits, smart professional aches are able to do what they love and still create new income.

You’re a great professional with a lot to offer your clients. You deserve a professional team to support you, without breaking your budget. Let me know how we can best help you ramp up your coaching practice.

Izaskun Larrea Manzarbietia

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