17 different tasks you can delegate to a Assistant Director, the tasks are:

  1. Online Research

  2. Data Scientist

  3. Making travel arrangements for your executive

  4. Data Entry

  5.  Planning, programming events

  6. Create Letters relating to Confidential Correspondence. Letters sent. Letters received. Register of letters received.

  7. Preparing Presentations

  8. Public relations correspondence,  Press releases,  Speeches, statements, and articles delivered or issued.

  9. Market Research

  10. Online Marketing

  11. Call Answering

  12. Social Media Marketing (is that really different than #5?)

  13. Email Management

  14. App Development

  15. SEO

  16. Web Development

  17. Content Writing

Do you believe in Magic?

Because that’s the name of the new texting-based assistant service.
We relentlessly screen for deep business experience and desire to support a winning team. Our premium Assistant handle more sophisticated tasks. Premium assistants for demanding & executives.
I start by speaking with you to understand your business and your unique needs.

Finally, I am an assistant I can trust to represent you and your business.


Izaskun Larrea Manzarbeitia

Assistant Director & Data Scientist

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