We’re collecting the Big Data – now what? is one of the common questions asked by any data scientist. This  article goes on to answer that question, detailing how Data Science can make use of raw data and format it into ways that can benefit companies, businesses and people. In the article they propose three solutions through the use of a Data Lab.
With the introduction of Data Labs, businesses will have access to a “sandbox” of information, which can be used to discover possibilities and ways of progress that, thanks to Data Science, they are able to explore. Since Data Labs are dedicated to refining and modeling data, businesses will profit from the collection of raw data, as these labs will yield insights, business opportunities, and the current flow of the masses.


As the 21st century starts to pick up its pace, we are discovering an arena dedicated to making sense of Big Data: the data lab. In short, a data lab is an effort to answer business needs by making sense of raw information. A deeper look, however, reveals a much more nuanced purpose. Data labs, which are basically the equivalent of data research and development departments launched internally by organisations, are intended to help businesses develop solutions from their raw data. Business units can use their data lab as a sandbox to explore possibilities.

Izaskun Larrea Manzarbeitia

Assistant Director& Data Scientist


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