How are Executive Assistants time managers and crises handlers?

Executive Assistants have an important role – they manage an Executive’s time and any crises they face. This is no easy task considering how packed an Executive’s schedule can be. A highly organised problem solver with good communication skills and a working knowledge of the business is an ideal candidate for the job of Executive Assistant. Find out how I juggle all of these skills on a daily basis. 

The ultimate time manager:

In any job, the skill of time management is important, but it is especially so for Executive Assistants. This is because Executive Assistants are there to help Executives achieve the greatest number of tasks in the smallest amount of time and to the highest possible quality. 

In this race against time, technology can be very helpful, an exceptional Executive Assistant is always trying to improve their technological fluency with gadgets that save time.

As an assistant, you're working on the Executive's time, which is limited and needs managing.

Take note that managing a crisis invariably means that people skills are necessary since people are frequently the cause of crises. Business Insider gives the example of employees not turning in paperwork on time. This often requires Executive Assistants to put some added pressure on employees, albeit in a polite way.
It helps for the Executive Assistant to know the employees, the culture and the aims of a business, too. I has the ability to speak the same language as senior management will perform better because if the boss is busy with something else, I may have to think on their feet. I need to know where the priorities of the company lie and who needs to be involved to solve an issue.

Can I gracefully handle difficult situations on your boss’s behalf?

This is why I says that good Executive Assistants are constantly striving to understand their boss’s motivation, which requires good communication skills. Then, I aim to help achieve the boss’s ends based on the conversation I had.
Therefore, an assistant who knows the business as well as how to empathise, communicate, and help put any fires out will go far.


Izaskun Larrea Manzarbeitia

Executive Assistant & Data Scientist


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