«I use Innova Basque Assistant for my research & data entry. Working with these guys helps me take care of all the ground work so that I can focus on my business.The 24/7 team is so easy to dealwith!»


An Assistant is Also a Marketing Coordinator


How a Virtual
Receptionist can help …


¿Qué aporta la estadística en el mundo del Big Data?


Izaskun Larrea   |   September 15, 2016

The Virtual Assistant
and Your Web Site …


   |   September 10, 2016

Your Virtual Assistant
Can Make Money …

Every minute that you spend doing paperwork is a minute lost for developing your product or service, networking with potential…


Why Every Business
 Professional Need To …


Capabilities of
Virtual Assistants …

 5 Mistakes the Best Virtual Assistants Never Make

How VA’s Can Save Your Personal Life

5 Extremely Cool Ways to Use Your Virtual Assistant

How to Incorporate Virtual Assistants in Your Office


The Best and Worst Times to Hire Virtual Assistants

Using Cloud Programs to Better Organize Multiple Virtual Assistants

Can Not Hiring a Virtual Assistant Cost You Your Business?


4 Ways to know if your Virtual Assistant is Trustworthy

   |   April 16, 2016

4 Ways to know if your
Virtual …

Virtual assistants often work on an honor system. In most cases, a daily to-do list is provided to the assistant…

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