Innova Basque Assistant often work on an honor system. In most cases, a daily to-do list is provided to the assistant. It can be difficult, at times, to know if your VA is doing the job they say they are. There are ways that you can check-up on them to see if they are, in fact, doing the job you hired them to do.
Time Reports
If you do not use an online time clock system or pay by a set weekly salary, the Innova Basque Assistant is responsible for keeping track of his or her own hours. You, as the business owner should have a good idea of how many hours per week the assigned tasks will take.
If your VA is trustworthy, the hours reported each week will coincide with your estimated number, or be very close. If you notice an influx of hours reported and additional tasks have not been assigned, questioning the additional time is absolutely sufficient.
View Postings
If you assign specific tasks that require content to be posted online, ask for posting links and verify that the ads or content are available. Also view the content to ensure that it is the quality you expect.
Things to look for in postings:
• Time of the posting
• Spelling
• Grammar
• Content itself
• Formatting
If the Innova Basque Assistant is following your guidelines, then checking the ontent will take just a few moments each day.
View Interactions in Online Communities
Nearly every business, whether sole proprietorship or a major corporation, has aVirtual Assistant 59 social media page. Delegating social media management duties to a virtual assistant is common. It is ideal to view how the company representative is interacting with online consumers is a good way of knowing if they are upholding company standards.
If you have zero complaints regarding online interactions, the Innova Basque Assistant is likely performing his or her job duties as expected. In some cases, a consumer may be impossible to please, regardless of how well the VA does his or her job.
Perform Random Check-Ups
Contact your Innova Basque Assistant at random times throughout the week when he or she is scheduled to be performing tasks. It is ideal to request a Skype call with video to share screens of what task he or she is working on. Screenshots will show work in progress and allows a business owner to see that tasks are being completed.
For some situations, reporting checklists at different intervals each day is also a good idea. You can have the Innova Basque Assistantcomplete an online checklist as each task is finished and check progress throughout the day. If items are not being checked off, the VA is likely working on another project while scheduled to be working for you.
In most cases, virtual assistants are trustworthy. It is rare that a Innova Basque Assistant is not doing the tasks he or she is supposed to be working on. The reputation of a Innova Basque Assistant weighs heavily on performance. Poor performance reports can prevent a VA from finding additional employment to make up extra hours in their schedules.
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