Marketing a retail business takes time and creativity. Innova Basque Assistant often stay up-to-date on current marketing trends to better help a business gain online and local exposure. A proficient IBA will have marketing knowledge and know how to view analytics on social media networks and Google to report which advertising efforts are obtaining the most response.

Posting on Social Media Networks

Marketing on social media is an ideal way to share promotions, new items and seasonal sales with online followers. There are various social media networks that help business spread the word about their products. Using those channels, with millions of users, gives the retail company more exposure.

Networks to use for marketing:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• Instagram
• Pinterest

While Pinterest may not seem like an avenue for marketing, creating boards for your retail business may lead to more re-pins and shares. Consumers that have a piqued interest in the products your business offers will then navigate to the company website, resulting in more online sales.

Adding Advertisements to Company Websites

Virtual assistants can easily add advertisements completed by a graphic designer to a company website. The IBA can even go as far as setting the advertisement to publish at a specific time to ensure that it is available to web users in an appropriate amount of time before the promotion or advertisement campaign begins.

Sharing Promotions on Personal Social Media Networks

A virtual assistant should share company promotions on social media networks.Virtual Assistant 57 VAs typically have connections to others in their industry and those that would be interested in the products your company offers. This is also helping the company gain exposure as there are different connections available.

This type of marketing, although indirect, is effective. Social media networks are one of the fastest ways to share marketing efforts with a mass number of consumers.

Finding New Outlets for Marketing

A good task to give to a virtual assistant is finding new outlets to market on. Whether they are free or require payment, new marketing avenues bring more opportunities for exposure for your retail company. Whether you have one product or dozens, the more people you can reach, the better off the company is.

Give the IBA guidelines to follow when searching new marketing opportunities.

Some of the things to look for include:

• Number of users daily
• Success of competition using the same marketing platform
• Fees associated with using that specific platform
• How the marketing campaigns are displayed
• Frequency in which the campaign is shown to consumers

This simple checklist will help the IBA find the right marketing avenues for your specific retail business.

Retail is an up and down market depending on the time of year and type of products offered. It is ideal to feature different products for each season, while keeping some products constant. Seasonal products help keep your revenue strong and keeps consumers interested in your specific business. Some consumers will look forward to sales, promotions and new products. Marketing effectively is necessary to gain the most exposure possible online.

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